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Why is My Car Pulling?

Why is My Car Pulling?One of the most unsafe signs of car trouble is if your vehicle continuously tries to go to the right or to the left against your will, a sensation known as pulling. This can occur from a number of reasons, including the following, but because it reduces your ability to control your car it is imperative you visit an auto repair shop as soon as it begins to happen. It's up to you to keep your car safe to drive!

Bad Wheel Alignment

Your wheels must be properly aligned to ensure they propel your vehicle in the desired direction. Alignment can be thrown off due to regular driving as the miles add up but a run in with a curb or pothole or any other type of accident can hinder it as well. In many cases of bad wheel alignment the steering wheel will cock back and forth.

Tire Issues

If one tire is underinflated it will cause your car to pull to one side. This is especially true if you have just suffered a tire blowout. It is important to always pay attention to tire health to ensure that your car's rubber is in good shape at all times. Low tire pressure can also impede your fuel efficiency.

Failing Suspension

Suspension components can collapse on themselves, resulting in one corner of your car leaning. This will result in the vehicle pulling to that corner. Other signs of suspension trouble include an increase in the amount your car bounces after hitting a bump or if you feel a rolling sensation when cornering.

Stuck Brake

A stuck brake pad or wheel cylinder will cause the brakes to constantly be applied to just one tire. Since that tire is facing extreme friction it will cause the car to pull to that side, as the wheel will have trouble spinning.

It's important that you pay attention to how your vehicle is driving at all times. If you notice issues with control be sure to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible to prevent the problem from growing worse. For expert auto repair in Corona head to Harvey's Autotech. We can reverse any pulling issues as well as complete any other auto repair to keep your vehicle driving reliably. To learn more about our Corona auto repair shop or to schedule an appointment give our crew a call at (951) 432-5373 today!

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