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Top Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Engine RepairIsn't it incredible that with the turn of a key you can get your car's motor pumping? Well, as long as it the motor is in healthy condition, anyway. The engine under the hood is what powers your car and if it is not in good shape, due to a neglect or standard high mileage wear and tear, there is a chance that you'll soon be facing big engine problems. To avoid the chances of a spendy breakdown or the need for a complete engine replacement or rebuild it is always necessary to pay attention to signs of engine trouble. The following are four of the most common symptoms that indicate a trip to the auto shop for engine diagnostics and repair is necessary.

Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on you should immediately get to a local auto repair shop that can run computer diagnostics. There are many different problems that can cause this little light to illuminate, but many of them are relatively easy fixes, such as a failed sensor.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

A common symptom that there is trouble under the hood will actually come out of the tailpipe. Colored exhaust smoke can indicate a number of problems, depending on the color. Black smoke means that there is too much gas being burnt up in the combustion chamber, which can result in a number of engine issues. Blue smoke indicates that oil is being burnt up, putting the vehicle at risk of ineffective lubrication. White smoke means coolant is being burnt up and the car could overheat at anytime.

Engine Knocking Sounds

A knocking noise that comes from under the hood likely indicates worn engine bearings need service. Engine bearings support the moving parts of the engine and they will fail if they are not properly lubricated. Anytime a strange sound occurs you should have it checked out, or else you could be facing the need for a massive engine rebuild or even a replacement.

Decreased Engine Performance

If you notice a drop in performance, such as a struggle for power, a harsh idle or a decrease in fuel economy you'll want to get to the repair facility as soon as possible. It is likely to be something small causing the trouble, such as a clogged air filter or fuel filter, but a bigger problem may be at fault.

If your car is having trouble under the hood don't hesitate to visit a reputable auto repair shop. When it is time for quality engine repair in Corona reach out to the team at Harvey's Autotech. We offer superior domestic and foreign auto services using high tech diagnostic and repair equipment. To request an estimate or an appointment for professional auto repair in Corona give us a call at (951) 432-5373 today!

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