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Top Signs of General Car Trouble

Top Signs of General Car TroubleWhy is it that so many people believe that their vehicle will eventually fix itself if it's showing signs of trouble? If your car begins to give you some sort of clue that it is having operating issues, do not ignore it! While many signs or quite telling, you will need to seek the assistance of a professional auto repair mechanic for proper diagnosis. There are many clues that your car may present should it be time for auto repair, including the following.

Strange Noises

Noises are a very common way to tell that there is trouble on board. Depending on what action you're taking when the noise occurs you can often make a solid assumption as to what the issue is. When you notice a squeal, whine, knock or click take note of whether you are hitting the gas, brakes, turning or any other specific maneuver so that you can inform the auto technician.

Weird Vibrations

Vibrations are another way to tell that there is a problem. Again, you will want to pay attention to when it happens. Common vibration related issues may include a shaky steering wheel if it's time for an alignment, a vibrating brake pedal if the brakes are going bad or the accelerator may vibrate if it there is an exhaust leak.

Visual Queues

You should assess your vehicle visually to see if anything seems a bit out of place. A few common visual aids that indicate car trouble include an increase in exhaust smoke or a fluid leak.

Odd Smells

As you can tell, using your senses is a great way to identify issues with your vehicle. There are many types of smells that could occur if something is wrong. A dirty laundry smell often indicates mold in the AC system. A burning paper odor may mean it is time for a new clutch. A sweet maple smell often is a sign of a coolant leak.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Your dashboard has many indicator lights that will turn on if a system has detected a problem. This includes the ABS (anti-lock brake system) light, oil light, temperature light and the notorious check engine light.

At the first sign of car trouble be sure to visit a professional auto repair shop for diagnostics and repair. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. For expert auto repair in Corona head to Harvey's Autotech. We service all makes and models at our facility, so don't wait to contact us for an appointment. Give us a call at (951) 432-5373 to schedule quality auto repair in Corona today.

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