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6 Indications of a Cooling System Problem

6 Indications of a Cooling System ProblemThe moment you fire up your car, your engine temperature starts to climb higher and higher. As long as your cooling system is functioning properly, the heat will be properly regulated. But if any aspect of your cooling system is faulty, then your vehicle could be prone to overheating, which could result in major engine issues. Here's a look at six signs that you need cooling system repair.

High Reading on Temperature Gauge

If your temp gauge makes its way into the red zone, then you'll want to get off the road when it's safe for you to do so. Then you can call up a reputable mechanic who can help you figure out if your vehicle can be safely driven.


If you see smoke rising up from under your hood, then it'll be best to pull over, at which point you'll likely want to add coolant/water.

Decreasing Gas Mileage

Vehicles attain maximum fuel-efficiency when operating within a certain range of temperature. When the engine runs hot, gas mileage can drop.

Low Coolant

If something is causing a noticeable drop in your coolant level, then you'll want to bring your vehicle to the shop so that the underlying issue can be identified and remedied.

White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke is a sign that coolant is burning in your combustion chamber. Whenever exhaust smoke appears to be off in color, it's a good idea to try to find the root cause.

External Coolant Leak

It's good practice to occasionally take a look at the pavement where your car is regularly parked and see if there is any evidence of an automotive fluid leak. Coolant can often be spotted by its bright color, which is often green, but is sometimes other colors like yellow or pink.

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Posted: June 4, 2020

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