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Is my alternator failing? Warning signs that say yes

Is my alternator failing? Warning signs that say yesA malfunctioning alternator can cause the battery's power reserve to become depleted to the point that your car ends up stalled out. So it's best to take action when you first notice evidence of an alternator problem. At Harvey's Autotech, our local mechanics are highly experienced with alternator and auto electric repair in the greater Corona, CA area.

Indications of Alternator Trouble

If a warning light illuminates on your dashboard that reads ALT or GEN, then you've got a potential sign of alternator trouble. In some cars, this warning light instead flashes on in the shape of a small glowing battery. Anytime a warning light comes on, it's important to figure out what exactly is triggering it before the underlying problem worsens.

A bad alternator can also cause a dead battery. However, just because your battery is dead, doesn't necessarily mean your alternator is to blame. A variety of issues can cause a car battery to die, such as old age, corroded/loose connections, parasitic draws, and forgetting to turn off your headlights. But if there isn't another clear-cut reason that your battery is dead, then it's worth investigating your alternator as the problem.

A faulty alternator can also cause electrical accessories to malfunction. In today's vehicle's, there are commonly computers that can determine which electrical accessories should have their power supply reduced when alternator trouble is detected. This preserves power for the car's most pressing electrical needs, but may cause issues with accessories such as power seats and the radio. A faulty alternator can also cause headlights to start dimming or flickering, which in turn creates a safety hazard.

Alternator & Auto Electric Repair in Corona, CA

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Posted: May 2022

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