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Helpful Tips for Increasing Engine Life

Helpful Tips for Increasing Engine LifeYou've made a major investment in your vehicle and want to keep its engine in great condition for as long as possible. There are certain measures you can take that will help to keep your engine healthy as it enters its golden years. Here's a look at six helpful tips for maximizing engine life.

Keep Up with Oil Changes

By staying up to date with oil changes, your engine will be sufficiently lubricated, preventing metal-on-metal contact from causing serious damage. It's best to have your oil changed by an actual mechanic so that any developing issues can be identified and subsequently addressed before they worsen.

New Air Filter

If an air filter is clogged up, the engine may respond by burning additional fuel, which could then increase engine temperature to the extent that problems arise.

New Fuel Filter

It's important to replace your fuel filter approximately every 30,000 miles so that contaminated gasoline doesn't make its way to the engine. A fresh fuel filter will also help your vehicle get better gas mileage.

Don't Run on Empty

When fuel gets especially low, potentially harmful debris may settle at the tank's bottom. As the remainder of the gas is used, that debris could then be pumped into the engine.

Use Synthetic Oil

For better protection of your engine's moving parts, it's worth spending the higher cost on a synthetic oil change. A perk of synthetic oil is that you don't need to change it as regularly.

Minimize Short Trips

When running errands and making a lot of short trips, your engine continues to heat up and cool down, which can make it more prone to problems emerging. When possible, you'll want to consolidate errands and make as few stops as possible.

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Posted: August 01, 2020

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